Why Multifamily


Times Capital Group is focused on identifying opportunities in strong markets for B and C class multifamily properties in order to meet the high demand for updated living space. The demand for apartment units is currently at record levels, particularly as many people who were previously able to secure mortgages for single-family homes are now unable to qualify for homeownership loans. The multifamily industry tends to perform well even in challenging economic times, and there is currently a shortage of over 5.5 million housing units in the US.


Why Multifamily?

Through our program, our equity partners have been consistently successful in earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit and often several million in a single transaction at exiting (sale of asset).

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Why Invest in Apartments?

Multifamily properties tend to have lower vacancy rates and are more resistant to value declines during market downturns compared to other types of properties. In times of economic hardship, demand for apartments may increase as homeowners look to rent to preserve capital and renters are unable to afford to buy. Lenders typically offer more favorable terms for multifamily properties due to investor familiarity with this asset type, and there are more financing options available. The high turnover of apartment units also allows for continual improvement of the assets through renovations and rent increases, resulting in increased value.